Dalsøren camping takes precautions in relation to Covid19

  • Advertise on the campsite about keeping away from others and washing their hands well.
  • Extra check that there is soap in all the dispensers in the toilet.
  • Extra cleaning with alcohol on all contact surfaces in the common area.
  • Shared living rooms / libraries are, for the time being, not open but can be opened for familiar in the same group. The room must then be cleaned before it can open to a new group.
  • Extra cleaning of toilet and contact surfaces with alcohol.
  • Information on keeping track of all cash receipts
  • Extra cleaning in cabins and contact surfaces in cabins.
  • Extra strength on fans that air out the toilet.
  • Depletion of liquor at reception and washing of terminal in liquor several times a day.
  • Suspension of plexiglass at reception to protect both customer and staff for possible infection.
  • We closely monitor the infection situation via FHI and will take other measures if necessary