Dalsøren Camping and cabins

Dalsøren Camping and cabins are located on the Lusterfjord in Sogn og Fjordane, in one of the most scenic areas in Norway. We have over 500 meters of stand line along the Lusterfjord where you can swim or fish from our dock. In addition, we have a park of a campsite with ornamental trees and flowers in many different varieties.

We can offer you both cabins and space for tents or motorhomes. It is not necessary to reserve a caravan or tent space. Cottages should be reserved to secure space.
The Sognefjord is one of the world's best destinations by National Geographic. Nærøyfjord and Urnes Stave Church are on UNESCO's list.

We are located about 300 meters from Lustrabui a bakery that bakes its bread in a wood-fired oven. Here you can buy bread, buns, ice cream and many different types of coffee.

Our cabins have a fully equipped kitchenette with fridge and cooker and other necessary kitchen equipment. Some of the cabins have their own terrace and / or balcony with views of the Lusterfjord and the surrounding mountains. We upgrade our cabins annually to maintain a good standard. For the past 10 years, all our cabins have been renovated inside. From October 2019 we start another round. We remove all the old and rebuild our cabins from the inside to the outside. We buy quality beds, new chairs, new tables, new colors on the walls and new floors and new lighting. In addition, we replace all of the kitchen equipment. You can see photos of all our cabins on this page. From October 2019 to May 2020, 3 new cabins will be renewed inside. The amount of work we do is based on feedback from our customers.

From the 2019 season, we took greater environmental responsibility and produced parts of the power we use from our own solar cells on the roof of the reception. Inside the reception you can follow the production hour by hour throughout the day.

We have free internet and a common living room with library, seating areas, games and a small playground for the very little ones.

We have boats for hire, fishing is possible along the entire fjord and in nearby rivers.

The most well-known attractions in the immediate area are Flåmsbana, Nærøyfjorden, Jostedalsbreen, Urnes Stave Church, Sognefjellsvegen, Jotunheimen National Park and Breheimen National Park.
In addition, there are many idyllic small towns in the area around the campsite that are worth a visit.
We believe and hope that you will come to enjoy us!

Bendik, Martin, Kristoffer and Thomas